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Hey, what's up?!My name is Myles, but my friends call me Mylerdude.It's 1988 and I'm a 17-year-old senior at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY.I built this sick website as part of my senior project to show off my photos.I'm the photo editor of the school newspaper, The Greeley Tribune, and a photographer for the yearbook, so you know I'm legit.Recently, I dug up a box of old negatives and contact sheets that I thought were lost forever, but I was able to bring them back to life on this website. Crazy outtakes from high school, shots from my house, town, trips to Block Island, Vermont, NYC, and a lot more.All of the photos you see here were taken with my trusty Canon AE-1 Program on Kodak 400 film and developed in the darkroom under the watchful eye of my amazing photo teacher, Mr. Glenn Swayne.I hope you dig 'em! And while you're here, you must check out and listen to my killer record collection!Let me know what you think - hit me up!Peace out!

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Horace Greeley High School

It's all 80s here and everyone is represented!Preppies, jocks, geeks, burners, smokers, new wavers, teachers, lunch ladies... everyone!And the fashion is killer - flipped-up collars, CB shells, Giabaud pants, turtlenecks with sweaters, varsity jackets, and even a few trench coats.Here's a mix of outtakes from The Greeley Tribune and the yearbook, in no particular order at all.If you see yourself, hit me up!

Block Island, RI

Block Island has been a vacation spot for our family for years -- and I can't get enough!In the summer after sophomore year, I got a job washing dishes at the Atlantic Inn and the rest is history.These photos are just a very very tiny part of my Block Island collection. One time I tried to sell some of them here.


We love going to Vermont to ski. Our family particularly loves Stowe and we try to come here with our cousins over Thanksgiving weekend. Discovering sugar shacks deep in the Vermont woods is always an adventure! Maybe I'll live here one day.

Chappaqua, NY

Chappaqua is a cool little town about an hour north of New York City. It is such a great place to roam around with a camera.In town, I am drawn to the rusty underbelly of this affluent area, where rust and concrete hold so many stories of industry and time.

20 Elizabeth Street

I live in an old Tudor house a few miles from town. It was originally owned by the town's pharmacist who left behind old files in the basement that were always fun to rifle through.In the winter, we sled down the hill behind the house through the trees onto the pond, which we hoped would be frozen over.My room and my killer stereo set up are tucked away in the attic. Party on!Thanks, Mom and Dad for being champs.

NY Mets Ticker Tape Parade

When the NY Mets won the World Series in 1986, I went to the ticker tape parade and captured some of my baseball heroes like Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, and Daryl Strawberry!

New York City

Nothing beats hopping on the train and heading down to the city to snap some rad pics of people and things.One time, I found myself in the middle of a pride parade, which was totally mind-blowing.And I almost lost my camera to some street hustlers - it was a close call, but I managed to keep it.Ask me about it sometime, it's a wild story!


Some of these are self-portraits. Some are not.


Boss, Muffy, George, and others!


Random shots. Including "Big Yeller" the 1954 Plymouth Belevedere I used to drive to school!


I am seriously into music and collecting records. I keep track of all my tunes on index cards!Check out my collection - 142 cards full of 80s awesomeness! It's sick.I took notes on my favorite songs, the band members, if there were any skips, and when I lent them out to friends (thanks for returning my Duran Duran record, Matt!).You might need to refresh the page for them to show up. Give it a try.So cool.

Rad 80's Mashup

Definitely press play right NOW!This is a mix tape from my epic record collection that I made by dropping the needle in all the right spots of all my (and your) favorite tunes.It's a crazy mashup of my favorite 80s songs packed into 30 minutes.... with a bonus of a few Culture Club songs to top it off.This took me years to make!The tape starts out a little garbled in the beginning but ride it out, it's worth it!How many tunes can you name??

Copyright ©1986-1988 Mylerdude. All rights reserved.